Mt. Oksen is one of the most beautiful hikes in Hardanger. It is an 6-8 hour hike where you will have a fantastic view of the Hardangerfjord and the mountains surrounding the fjord. We can customize any length tour for you and your group. We can go hiking by the light of the moon, under the stars, in the sunset or in daylight. Hike up to a spectacular view of Mt Oksen (when cloud cover and weather allow), where we stop for hot drinks and snacks.

Ingebjørgnuten rises up from the Granvinsfjorden, Utnefjorden, Eidfjorden and Sørfjorden "junction", all local fjord arms in Hardangerfjorden. The view from the top is breathtaking!

I will be able to pick you up by car in Voss, Granvin or Ulvik, before we continue on to our first stop, where our hike will begin. When arriving I will go through safety and all the equipment needed.